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Diamonds are our success

The diamond with all its mysterious qualities is the basis of success of today’s Company Meirow+Klink GmbH.
Expert knowledge in this special field, sound marketing research and the right sense for market conditions are the basis for our success.
Clear aims and visions paved the way for our strong position in the diamond market.
Trusted partners and a motivated team in our firm were reasons for our achievements.
We are proud of our work.


Working within a dynamic market one has continuously to act and react to the given conditions. The market changes are a permanent challenge: the fluctuation in the US-Dollar, rising gold prices, economic developments, the changing customer demands, new trends and new standards, to name just a few. Only one who is flexible, quick and alert to these changes will succeed.

However, market flexibility on a high level is not everything. Long-term friendly business contacts are important to the goals of our company. Our reliability and loyalty are key tenets, both for our customers and our suppliers. We are proud to have many customers for many years who consider us their reliable suppliers and advisers. The success of our customers is also our success. We are happy only when our customers are happy.


In the 1960´s our senior head, Mr. Anzhel Meirow, was employed by an Israeli bank as licensed purveyor. Because of his expertise he started dealing in diamonds.
At the end of the 1960´s his employer sent him to Hongkong where he successfully established himself and got into the local market.
In the early 1970´s the same company sent him as a partner to Munich to get into the European market.
In 1975 Mr. Anzhel Meirow moved his market to the Gold-City of Pforzheim, the center of the jewelry industry in Germany. He founded his own company and named it, Diamanten-Meirow GmbH.
In 1977 his son, Mr. Igal Meirow joined the company.
In 1978 Roland Klink as well.
In 1984 Mr. Igal Meirow became the manager of the company.
In 1994 Mr. Roland Klink, so far the assistant of Mr. Anzhel Meirow, was appointed assistant manager of the company.
On July 1, 2009 the company was renamed “Meirow+Klink GmbH”. Both, Igal Meirow and Roland Klink are managing and directing the company with great success. Meirow+Klink GmbH are in a strong position in the market and is expanding continuously. The company stands for competence and has established a respectable reputation in the diamond business.

Location Black Forest

Pforzheim is internationally renowned as the „City of Gold “. Already in 1767 the foundation of the manufacture and production of watches and bijouterie were laid here. And inspite of the recent changes and the recession that has taken place world-wide, 80% of all jewellery exported from Germany comes from Pforzheim. So Pforzheim was and still is the “City of Jewels ” in Germany.

Both, the University of Pforzheim and the Goldsmith-School are training young designers and those who work with gold. These institutions play important roles in the continuation and the development in the field of gold and jewellery.

The Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (Pforzheim Jewellery Museum), the only museum of its kind worldwide, specializes in the History of Jewellery. The pieces of rare gems exhibited there, have originated from many countries collected through the centuries. New treasures and other ornaments are constantly acquired and added to the permanent exhibit. Schmuckwelten Pforzheim (The World of Jewellery), another international centre of jewellery and watches, is a unique platform in Europe where one can admire and enjoy a very wide variety of unique designs of jewellery and watches. Also the Technical Museum of the jewellery and watch-making industry is visited by large numbers of people from around the world. Here the visitor can see historical machinery in action.

The geographical situation of Pforzheim is strategically ideal. The three rivers Enz, Nagold and Wuerm meet here. The city lies at the center of the Northern Black Forest Region, which offers a countryside of great diversity. Our company Meirow+Klink GmbH has for good reasons been located here for the past 35 years.


Calibrated goods starting:

from 0,8 mm up to 5 carat,

from River D to Fancy Colour,

all styles of piqué to IF,

round brilliant cuts and Fancy Shapes,

from normal cut to excellent make,

we carry a whole lot of different varieties always on stock.

What is your special request?
Do not hesitate to contact us.


We are in a position to fulfill our customers´ wishes due to our long business experience and the excellent knowledge in the field of diamonds of our managers.

We are in a position to answer our customers´ demands quickly and reliably due to our international contacts, our ability to handle matters in many different languages and our world-wide net of suppliers.

To attract new customers and to keep old customers happy we offer a strong team with a high degree of competence, speed and reliability. Our service team is available for your needs at all times.

You can profit from a strong partner!

Natural love

Only a natural diamond contains the cosmic and earthly energy from its formation. This energy makes every diamond a unique product of Mother Nature, making the emotion everlasting.

We are well known for our high quality standards, especially in differentiating between natural and synthetic diamonds. Our mission statement is to ensure that our customers solely receive naturally and legally sourced diamonds.

All incoming goods are thoroughly checked and certified by the established gemmological institute IGI in Belgium. We continuously document these procedures.

This service is free of charge for our customers and has been implemented to guarantee security and trust in our goods.