The Goldstadt Cut 250

The latest shiny innovation honouring the 250th anniversary oft the Goldstadt Pforzheim.

The unique cut
From a unique town
For a unique occasion
For a unique person.

On the occasion oft the anniversary Goldstadt 250 Meirow+Klink pursued the reincarnation of the single cut and created hereby an authentic design that shines through simplicity. We only used high quality raw material to polish the Goldstadt Cut 250 leading to a dream stone with a relatively low number of facets.

This results in an ideal interaction between transparency, cool simplicity and – of course – remarkable brilliance that can only be found at a real diamond. Due to high-tech polishing techniques Meirow+Klink enables sizes ranging from 0.20 to 1.00 carat for Single Cuts with 17 facets.

We solely use raw material of the highest quality for the Goldstadt Cut. Additionally all diamonds will receive the laser engraving “Goldstadt 250” at the girdle. Every stone is certified by the renowned International Gemmological Institute (IGI) and are ideally suited for enthusiasts of precious and shiny jewellery.