Natural Diamonds by Meirow+Klink

Since the emergence of the synthetic diamond (CVD), we engaged this problem as transparent and thoroughly as possible:

  • We only deal with natural diamonds
  • We comply with the strict regulations of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)
  • We solely act according to our internal regulations and processes that are verified by the external institute IGI (International Gemmological Institute)

We’ve been working together closely with IGI for many years and became one of the first diamond wholesalers to largely implement the screening-services of IGI. A sample of every parcel that entered our office was sent to IGI for extensive screening. After a negative result, we received the sealed goods back and documented the process thoroughly. Only after the successful completion of this process, the goods have been added to our stock.

This procedure is, of course, costly in terms of money and time, but was for us the only alternative to ensure our customers the delivery of natural diamonds.

A few weeks ago, we decided to invest in a CVD-testing machine: The GLIS-3000 GEM Luminescence Imaging System fulfilled all our requirements – that other machines were not able no match. 

The GLIS-3000 GEM provides us with:

  • The highest success rates at detecting CVD and other forms of synthetic diamonds,
  • quick and easy handling and
  • an industry-wide standard.

Our whole stock is being checked for synthetic diamonds. Every screening is documented and saved internally.

To maximize the guarantee, not only for us but especially for our customers, we continue to send samples to IGI. We take all these measures to guarantee the handling of only natural diamonds along the supply chain. This creates security that you can also forward to your customers.